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Learn Windows Cluster from best Institutes in Udaipur. Windows clustering is a strategy that uses Microsoft Windows and the synergy of independent multiple computers linked as a unified resource - often through a local area network (LAN). It is used to provide High Availability for mission critical applications.

We can configure cluster by installing MCS (Microsoft cluster service) component from Add remove programs, which can only available in Enterprise Edition and Data center edition.
In Windows we can configure two types of clusters
1. NLB (network load balancing) cluster for balancing load between servers. This cluster will not provide any high availability. Usually preferable at edge servers like web or proxy.
2. Server Cluster: This provides High availability by configuring active-active or active-passive cluster. In 2 node active-passive cluster one node will be active and one node will be stand by. When active server fails the application will FAILOVER to stand by server automatically.

It is intended to provide failover and increased availability of applications, or parallel calculating power in case of high-performance computing (HPC) clusters as in supercomputing. Prior to Windows 2008, clustering required (per Microsoft KBs) that all nodes in the clusters to be as identical as possible from hardware, drivers, firmware, all the way to software. After windows 2008 however, Microsoft modified the requirements to state that only the operating system needs to be of the same level.
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