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Learn WAX Casting course from best training institutes in Udaipur. Lost wax or wax casting is an ancient method of doing a metal object from an original form made of wax. It’s particularly very useful for making complicated metal parts. Casting is a very time consuming process so if there is any way to make a metal fitting by fabricating it, do it that way, it’s more efficient. Lost-wax casting is the process through which a duplicate metal sculpture (often silver, gold, brass or bronze) is cast from an original sculpture. Dependent on the sculptors skills, intricate works are achieved by this method. The oldest known examples of this technique are the objects discovered in the Cave of the Treasure (Nahal Mishmar) hoard in southern Israel, and which belong to the Chalcolithic period (4500–3500 BC).

Conservative estimates of age from carbon-14 dating date the items to 3700 BC, making them more than 5700 years old. Though the process today varies from foundry to foundry, the steps used in casting small bronze sculptures are fairly standardized. (In modern industrial use, the process is called investment casting.) In the lost wax castings process, high quality investment castings are produced with exactly shapes and high dimensional accuracy.

Casts can be made of the wax model itself, the direct method, or of a wax copy of a model that need not be of wax, the indirect methods are used mostly in industries .
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