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Learn Synon from best Institutes in Udaipur. Synon was a software company founded in London in 1984 by Simon Williams (CEO), Melinda Horton (COO) and Nick Knowles (CTO) with the objective of developing an application generator for the IBMSystem/38 platform. which, at its height, dominated the worldwide market for third-party application development tools for the IBMSystem i (formerly AS/400) platform. Its products continue to be widely used in that sector today, distributed and supported by CA Inc..

Synon launched its first product named Synon/1, a programming productivity toolkit for the System/38, launched in 1985.After that, Synon pioneered the approach to development which in early 2005 became known as Architected Rapid Application Development (ARAD). Such tools use abstract patterns as building blocks to automatically generate the components of an application.

In Synon/2, developers use a specialized language to define an applications data model and the rules that ensure its integrity. They then select from a set of around 30 pre-built program design templates which perform edit, display and print functions in full screen, multi-line and transaction (full screen header above a multi-line detail) modes.

This tool automatically instantiates the specialized templates over the data model and generates high-level language code in RPG or COBOL without any further developer intervention. It also generates the SQL or DDS code to define the necessary database tables and views.
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