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Learn SMS course from best training institutes in Udaipur. A Safety Management System (SMS) is a formal risk management framework to improve safety. Under an SMS, organisations would have systems for hazard identification and risk management, safety targets and reporting processes, procedures for audit, investigations, remedial actions, and safety education. The size and complexity of an SMS should be scaled to suite the size of the organisation. It is used in managing business activities and applying principles, framework, processes to help prevent accidents, injuries and to minimise other risk.

The universally accepted framework for SMS includes four main components and twelve elements, representing the minimum requirements for an SMS. CASA’s SMS includes an additional three elements, they are the SMS implementation plan, third party interface (contractors and service providers) and internal safety investigation. They are Safety policy and objectives, Safety risk management, Safety assurance, and Safety promotion. The Safety policy and objectives includes Management commitment and responsibility, Safety accountabilities, Appointment of key safety personnel, SMS implementation, Contractors/third party interfaces, Coordination of emergency response planning, and SMS documentation. The Safety risk management includes Hazard identification, Risk assessment and mitigation. The Safety assurance includes Safety performance monitoring and measurement, Internal safety investigation, The management of change, and Continuous improvement of the SMS. The Safety promotion includes Training and education, and Safety communication.

An SMS allows the mine operator to demonstrate the effective management of health and safety on site to employees, contractors and others working at the mine site, the regulator, an external organisation when seeking certification, and management when assessing the mine systems against recognised industry standards. To maximise its effectiveness, the SMS needs to be a documented system, be easily understood, and accessible. The risks managed at all mining operations are dynamic and varied. The SMS is used to ensure these risks are considered and strategies are documented so adequate controls are implemented for the life of the mine.While all mines have safety- and risk-related policies, plans and procedures in place, the SMS ties these elements in a single integrated system.
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