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Learn SAP ISU course from best training institutes in Udaipur. SAP Utilities (SAP IS-U) is a process-oriented sales and information system that supports all services of utility and waste disposal companies. SAP Utilities can be used to manage and bill residential, commercial and industrial, and prospective customers. The customers needs must be addressed in the best way possible by the use of operative information tailored to their specific requirements, and maximize revenue potential. As an integrated part of mySAP ERP , SAP Utilities provides customers with all the benefits of a comprehensive and effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System.

SAP IS-U provides a variety of features. With its basic functions you manage addresses and regional structures. You can generate schedules for meter reading, budget billing, and billing. With Master Data you manage data that remains fixed for long periods of time. In IS-U, this data includes the business partners, contracts and contract accounts, connection objects and the premises, installations, and device lo cations contained therein. With Device Management you manage the installations, meter reading, and the certification of all devices for a utility company. The Billing component is used for billing the standard divisions such as Electricity, gas, water or waste water, district heating, and multimedia services.

With Invoicing the services can be grouped and can be invoiced on one bill. You can also use Invoicing to calculate and charge duty, fees, and taxes. In Customer Service you can use the Customer Interaction Center (CIC) or Front Office to display all data and start specific business processes. In Internet-Self-Services your customers can send you new data or changes to their existing data via the Internet. For example, they can grant you collection authorization or register a move-in. Energy Data Management (EDM) is a solution that meets the requirements of interval reading, schedule management, and the billing of interval energy consumption. Inter company Data Exchange (IDE) fulfills the requirements of the deregulated market. Change of supplier processes. Work Management combines various SAP components and enhances them to include industry-specific functions for planning, calculating, executing and billing work orders. SAP Waste and Recycling (IS-U-WA) is a comprehensive logistics, billing, service, and customer service system that covers all the business processes required by a waste disposal company.
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