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Learn Rhinoceros 3D course from best training institutes in Udaipur. Rhinoceros 3d is a NURBS modeling 3d software, used to conceptualize, design and fabricate products, in variety of Industries form Architecture to Jewellery and it is a commercial 3D computer graphics and computer-aided design (CAD) application software developed by Robert McNeel & Associates a privately held American employee owned company, Rhinoceros geometry is based on a NURBS mathematical model, which focuses on the producing mathematically precise representation of curves and freeform surfaces in computer graphics.
Rhinoceros is used in the processes of computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), rapid prototyping, 3D printing and reverse engineering in the industries including architecture, industrial design (e.g. automotive design, watercraft design), product design (e.g. jewelry design) as well as for multimedia and graphic design.
Rhinoceros 3d was developed for the Microsoft Windows operating system and OS X. A visual scripting language add-on for Rhino, Grasshopper, is developed by Robert McNeel & Associates.
Rhinoceros is primarily a free form surface modeler that utilizes the NURBS mathematical model. Rhinoceros application architecture and open SDK makes it modular and enables the user to customize the interface and create custom commands and menus. There are dozens of plug-ins available from both McNeel and other software companies that complement and expand Rhinoceros capabilities in specific fields like rendering and animation, architecture, marine, jewellery, engineering, prototyping, and others.
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