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Learn IBM from best Institutes in Udaipur. IBM or the International Business Machines is the largest computer company in the world. IBM started in 1911 as a producer of punch card tabulating machines. During the 60s and 70s, IBM came to dominate the new field of mainframe and minicomputers. In 1981, IBM launched its first personal computer, called the IBM PC, which quickly became the standard. IBM has been focused on continuous innovation for more than a century. Patenting is an important barometer of that innovation, and IBM has topped the annual list of U.S. patent recipients for the 20th consecutive year. However, IBM underestimated the market for PCs and lost market share to vendors of PC compatibles, such as Compaq. IBM attempts to be a one-stop shop for large enterprises IT needs. It offers everything from business consulting to software development services to IT hosting & management, to software products to hardware (servers, mainframes, storage), and even financing.

In its early years, IBM was widely associated with the punched card which was invented by Herman Hollerith. In 1964, IBM introduced the de facto standard for large company business computers with its System/360. MVS, which debuted in 1974, has been at the center of IBMs mainframe OS technology for more than 40 years. The popularity of System/360 and the subsequent mainframe models gave IBM an enduring market advantage, but the company faced a number of rivals in the mainframe space. Amdahl Corp., founded in 1970 by former IBM engineer Gene Amdahl, also emerged as a mainframe supplier. IBM also faced the challenge of minicomputers, or midrange systems, which were less expensive than mainframes and were targeted toward smaller businesses or departments within large enterprises. By the early 1970s, the punched card was gradually being replaced by the interactive display terminal, and especially by the IBM 3270. In 1981, Big Blue went small with the launch of the IBM Personal Computer. In the late 1980s, IBM added another hardware platform to its product mix: Unix workstations. As the 1990s dawned, IBMs core platforms included AIX, OS/2, MVS and OS/400. IBM looked to shed some of its hardware operations. In 2005, under IBM CEO Sam Palmisano, who had earlier led IBM Global Services, the company sold its PC division to Lenovo Group. In the 2010s, IBM began recasting itself as a cognitive solutions and cloud computing platform company.
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