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Learn IBM Lombardi from best Institutes in Udaipur. Lombardi is enterprise based company that contributed to IBM provided a software solution named WebSphere Lombardi Edition Version 7.1 now as called Lombardi provides a flexible platform for rapid delivery and improvement of a users business process applications. Lombardi V7.1 is a comprehensive BPM offering that enables companies to continually improve their end-to-end business processes. With Lombardi product the teams can build, manage, and optimize process applications that orchestrate human collaboration and system interactions. The course will cover basic and advanced process modeling, Coaches, monitoring and reporting, and simulation and optimization. Lombardi is an integrated set of Eclipse-based development tools, together with a web-based user portal and dashboards, and a common runtime platform. These technologies provide design, simulation, rules definition, process execution and integration, monitoring and optimization functions.

Under Cover Agents are used to send and receive message with in teamwork’s. The body of the message is defined by teamwork’s service that is attached to the UCA. An event listener is a widget that is adds to our BPD. It basically tells our process to do something if an event occurs. An event is anything that may happen outside our process or in our process that effects how our process runs. Event listener cannot be added to service layer. Presently they are used in our business process layer. Two types of Event Listeners are available which are Start message Event Listener and Intermediate message Event Listener. Coach is a Human activity in BPM Lombardi. When we build human service We usually include Coaches, Which provide the interface for the end-user interaction.

The main perspectives in Lombardi, which support all activities from design through
simulation, deployment, monitoring and optimization, share a common repository, which called the Shared Model. Lombardi implements a JavaScript expression that you provide. Rule services cannot include Java or web service integrations directly. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are measurements that Lombardi tracks at process runtime, storing results that you can use to analyze process and task performance in the Optimizer.

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