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Learn Carbon Nanotubes course from best training institutes in Udaipur. The allotropes of carbon in a cylindrical Nano structure are called as Carbon Nanotubes. The properties of these molecules are very much suitable for the fields like for nanotechnology, electronics, optics and other fields of materials science and technology. They are also added with adiitional properties which are owing to their extraordinary thermal conductivity, mechanical, and electrical properties, carbon nanotubes. They got this name because of their long, hollow structure with the walls formed by one-atom-thick sheets of carbon, called graphene. The sheets thus formed are rolled at specific and discrete angles, and the combination of the rolling angle and radius decides the nanotube properties.
There are various types of nanotubes. They are Single-walled, Multi-walled, Junctions and crosslinking, Other morphologies, Extreme carbon nanotubes. Single-walled nanotubes are an important variety of carbon nanotube because most of their properties change significantly. They have a diameter of close to 1 nanometre, and can be many millions of times longer. Multi-walled nanotubes are of two models that can be used to describe the structures of multi-walled nanotubes, they are single-walled nanotube (SWNT) within a larger single-walled nanotube and doubly-walled nanotube. The junctions between the nanotubes explains the Junctions and cross linking. Carbon nanobuds are a newly created material combining two previously discovered allotropes of carbon: carbon nanotubes and fullerenes these belong to other morphologies.
The main properties exhibited by carbon nanotubes are Mechanical, Electrical, Optical, and Thermo. Carbon nanotubes are the strongest and stiffest materials yet discovered in terms of tensile strength and elastic modulus respectively because of its mechanical property. Unlike graphene, which is a two-dimensional semimetal, carbon nanotubes are either metallic or semiconducting along the tubular axis, thus they are electrical in nature. They exhibit intrinsic superconductivity. Carbon nanotubes have useful absorption, photoluminescence (fluorescence), and Raman spectroscopy properties and thus can be optical in nature. All nanotubes are expected to be very good thermal conductors along the tube thereby exhibiting a property known as "ballistic conduction", but good insulators lateral to the tube axis.
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