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Learn calligraphy classes from best institutes in Udaipur. Calligraphy is an Art of writing Alphabets, Numbers, Words, Sentences in many styles using Calligraphy Pens in a Beautiful and an Impressive way. Calligraphy is used to make beautiful lettering art in School Projects, Greeting Cards, Names on Certificates, Invitation Cards, Birthday Cards. In those Ancient years, unlike today’s usage of Pens consisting of different varieties of Inks based upon chemical components, in those days, the Inks were based upon pigments extracted from flowers, leaves, stems etc., They used Sharp tools as an instrument of writing and Leaves and other materials as Papers. Thereafter, as a substitute they used feather of the birds viz., quills to write by dipping it with color liquids extracted from flowers, leaves and tree stems. By using these methodologies they were even publishing Books by completely writing them by Hand. The writing used by quills generally make thin and thick strokes and they look really beautiful for the eyes.

Calligraphy has many Styles of writing which has to be learnt and made with lots of Patience, Practice and Perseverance to get the beautiful output. Whereas improvement of Handwriting involves the normal writing styles using pointed pens. Calligraphy Course is for those who want to write Calligraphy Styles as Headings, School Project Reports, Names on Certificates, Greeting Cards, Festival Cards, Birthday Cards, Invitation Cards. Handwriting Improvement course is for those who want to improve their Legibility, Size, Shapes, Slants, Spacing, Alignments in School Note Books, College Note Books, Application Forms, Cheque leaves, Exam Answer Sheets, Writing on Black Boards, White Boards and in general wherever they get a chance to write. The speed of writing along with legibility is very important in Tests, Exams for School, College and other students. Handwriting and Speed Writing course will help them in that. Hence, by learning Calligraphy one cannot improve their normal writing style. There are 3courses in calligraphy. They are Calligraphy Basic, Calligraphy – Intermediate, and Calligraphy – Advanced.
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